All information or data received via the Problem Paws web site, customer contact details form, email or any other electronic or physical media will only be used to contact and support our customers directly.

No information will be shared, stored or distributed with any other user, entity or company.

Any images or customer feedback used in the Problem Paws website is share anonymously to protect customer confidentiality, if any customer request us to remove or change an item related to themselves or their animals we will gladly do so on request.

No information will be retained beyond 12 months of last contact for our customers to allow us to review and support ongoing cases if any further actions are required, once customer inactivity goes beyond 12 months we will endeavor to remove all the customer details promptly unless a customer has requested to remain active.

Any customer may request their details and data be deleted or removed when our actions and treatments are concluded, our normal 12 month period of inactivity before automatic deletion is only to support ongoing cases or relapse support for clients & their animals and in no way affects your rights.