“Hi Julie, thank you for the report which was
very thorough and gives us a real focus to
work with Polly. We are making really good
progress with the barking as people go past,
one word commands and we have started the
door stratergy. Like you say it’s all dependant
on us taking the time with her. Thanks again
for all your good advice – i’ll let you know how
we get on. Chris.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for
coming last night. I think we both found it
really helpful and surprising to realise that
Nessa doesn’t think like we do! Thanks
again.  Rachel, Andy and Ness!”


 “Hi Julie, Things are going well thanks. We have
Toby sleeping in a crate at night. Door is open at the
moment but he will sleep in there during the day
with it closed so we are getting there!! He is going till
6-6.30 so improving slowly. It certainly feels as
though he is respecting boundaries more and that he
is settling into the family and our routines.
Thank you again for your help…it certainly gave us the
confidence to handle him better. Vanessa x”


 “Hi Julie, Thank you for coming today, I feel a lot
more confident in being able to face the future and
have a happy family environment.  As you say, the car
may prove difficult but I feel I have the tools to
approach the matter. This may sound soft but I don’t
always take to people straight away but I felt relaxed
in your company. I look forward to talking to you in a
week or two and being able to tell you that we have
made some progress. Take care and speak soon,
Regards from Judith & Andrew & Jakey McManus xx”


 “Hi julie; its christine, u came to my home for a consulatation
with me and my dog sam; Just want 2 say thank you for your
help; and i have been following what u told me with sam: he
has been alot better; xx”


“Hello Julie. Dogs r doing fine. Bob has changed n listens me.
I cant thank you anough for helping me with my doggies. They
are going for their trip to France in 2 weeks. Thank you for
your help.”


“Thanks so much Julie! We have already made some progress
with Tiki, especially with how she greets us when we get home.
Even my husband is impressed with such a quick change. She
seems to respond to the calmness. We’ll keep at it and let you
know how we make out. Thanks for the guides and assessment.
We’ll be in touch soon.  Wendy”


“Hi Julie, Sorry about the late reply I’ve been in work! Thank you
so much for your help and advice on Sunday it was very much
appreciated and we finally feel like we’re getting somewhere.
Thanks also for the puppy guide. I’ve attached a picture of Luther
and Charlotte for your website, they’re cuddling!  Thanks again,


“Great to meet you on Tuesday.  Many thanks for the Training Guides
– we are keeping busy trying to put your advice in to practice and here
as promised is a photo of Finlay.  Speak with you in a couple of weeks.
Regards Val & Helena”